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We Successfully completed number of projects on health:


  1. Project Title : Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI)

Project Duration        : April 2001 to till to date

Technical Support     : Civil Surgeon

Finance by                  : GoB

Project area               : Sugondha Point, Laharpara, Bador Mukam, Cox’s Bazar Cox’s Bazar

Scope of work                          : To include all children with immunization



  1. Project Title : Drug addiction treatment & rehabilitation program

Project Duration        : April 2001 to till to date

Finance by                  : GoB/own fund/client

Project area               : Kolatoly, Cox’s Bazar

Scope of work            : To aware the mass


  1. Project Title : Food Security Programme-2006, Soil Fertility Component Grants


Project duration              :  30 months (1st July 2010 to 31st December 2012) ongoing

Implementing Partner    :  Shushilan

Technical Support by      : Ministry of Agriculture, GoB

Finance by                        : European Union/own fund

Project objective             : Promotion and utilization of sustainable soil management and participatory agricultural development practices to improve household food security in coastal zone.

Project Area                     : Teknaf Upazila (Nhila & Whykong)


Project View


As the project will concentrate on improved food security and increasing productivity through practicing and exercising sustainable soil health and agro-management, this will lead to not only increase in household consumption, but also generate some marketable surplus. The project will also contribute towards marginal and poor farmers needs in regard to government food and agricultural policy and systems through advocacy and farmer’s alliance development aspects.


Project Objective:

To improve food security of the families of small and marginal farming household in coastal zone like Teknaf Upazila.


Objectives of the action:

C To improve and conserve soil quality in the target areas

C To improve existing farming system (diversification) and introduction of new crops

C To increase per unit crop production in target areas and

C To increase and mobilize the households towards intake of nutritious foods and to

organize target house hold into institution to secure their entitlement


Expected results:

Five results are planned in the project according to the call and also considering the sustainability of the proposed actions.

The results are:

C Conservation of soil health quality

C Promoting and practicing of crop diversification

C Enhanced crops production

C Accessing nutritious food and consumption

C Farmers alliances to access resources and services.


  1. Project Title : HIV & STI Prevention Support at NONGOR Drug Treatment Centre

Project duration              : April 2001 to till to date

Finance by                        : UNHCR/World Vision/Own Fund

Project objective             : Awareness and treatment

Project Area                     : Cox’s Bazar


  1. Project Title : NONGOR Training & Resource Center

Project duration              : August 2010 to till to date

Technical Support by      : NONGOR Core Fund

Finance by                        : UNHCR/World Vision/ Own Fund

Project objective             : To provide different training

Project Area                     : Cox’s Bazar


  1. Project Title : Awareness for tourist on different risk e.g. HIV/AIDS, drug, tide time

Project duration              : August 2010 to till to date

Finance by                        : GoB/Own Fund

Project objective             : To aware on different risk

Project Area                     : Cox’s Bazar


  1. Project Title : Cultural activities (art competition, essay writing competition, street drama)

Project duration              :  August 2010 to till to date

Technical Support by      : GoB/Own Fund

Finance by                        : GoB/Own Fund

Project objective             : To aware and sensitize community people

Project Area                     : Cox’s Bazar


Records of the accomplished projects:

  1. Project Title : Drug addiction treatment, rehabilitation & HIV Awareness program

Project Duration        : 1st June 2004 to 31st May 2006

Finance by                  : NONGOR core fund

Project area               : Langur Bill, Teknaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar

Scope of Work           : Drug treatment, counseling, rehabilitation and referral




  HIV & STI Prevention Project for (I) DUs              

Date of established   : 1st June 2006.

1st Phase                     : June 2006 – September 2009 (Under Bangladesh AIDS Programme)

2nd Phase                     : October 2009 – September 2012 (Under MODHUMITA Programme)

Technical Support     : Family Health International (FHI360) Bangladesh.

Finance by                  : United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Project area               : Cox’s Bazar District.

Scope of Work           :

  • Inpatient detoxification and long term rehabilitation treatment
  • VCT (Voluntary Counseling & Testing) Clinical Services
  • External Medical Treatment & Emergency referral
  • HIV & STI Prevention activities through social mobilization & Day Observance
  • TB supportive activities through Sputum Collector & referral mechanism
  • Day Care Center (DCC) § STI & Abscess services delivery § Vocational Training & Job placement


Project Location        : June 2006-2010: K. K. Para, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar.

July 2010-2012: West Laharpara, Nearest of Uttaran Housing,

Kalatali by pass road, Cox’s Bazar

  1. Project Title : TB-CAP Program (Under MODHUMITA Programme)

Technical Support     : Family Health International (FHI) Bangladesh

Finance by                  : United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Project area               : Cox’s Bazar District

Core objective                        : Combat TB through supportive mechanism

Project View

TB is generally regarded as diseases of the Poor. In the given Socio economic condition of Bangladesh it still remains a big challenge to ensure access of the poor and marginalized people to the TB services. Therefore, in order to increase the accessibility of TB program with ultimate aim to improve case detection and case holding through community/peer participation, the notion of introducing Sputum Collectors and DOT providers has been conceptualized in the TB CAP project, Bangladesh.

Promotion of TB case detection and treatment services through Sputum Collector:

December 2009 NONGOR recruited Sputum Collectors for its Modhumita Project agreement with FHI under TB CAP Project for explained objective of Sputum Collection and DOT provision to their community people and seek their active participation in strengthening screening, treatment and referral (where necessary) of suspected TB cases. Before starting TB CAP project, the medical officer of NONGOR Modhumita Project referred the suspected clients having cough for more than three weeks to those centers for case detection and treatment.

Counselor of Modhumita center provided result of screening, ensure DOTS to nearest health complex or TB center and refer positive case to DOTS centers. Beside he provided basic information related to sign & symptoms during counseling session and maintain liaison with local GO/NGO TB centers to ensure effective referral mechanism. The Sputum Collectors supply the sputum cups to the suspect, collect and deliver the samples to the nearby TB microscopy center managed by NTP partners. NTP and FHI will orient the volunteers on counseling, suspect tracing, sputum sample collection and delivery/transfer to microscopy center. They also be oriented on Directly Observed Treatment (DOT) of TB and record keeping.

The management of the NONGOR submitted report monthly/quarterly to the affiliated DOTS center of NTP and Partners. Appointed sputum collector provided transport cost for suspect screening, sample collection, delivery and for reporting and collection of TB drugs.  Given below is the summarized task of the sputum collectors:

  1. Screening TB suspect,  Collection of Sputum
    • Interviewing suspected TB cases.
    • Giving enough explanation / demonstration to the TB suspects –how to produce good sputum ( as per guidelines)
    • Preservation & transportation to the nearest Microscopy center in the same day
    • Collection of sputum results and informing respective suspects/patients.
    • Provision of DOT or referring patients to the microscopy centers for starting treatment.
    • Follow-up the patients.