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Objectives of the Organization:

• To inspire and organize the community people to make them as social change agent.
• Capacity build up for the community people to create a poverty and hunger free society.
• Support to the poor people to empower them economically.
• Provide health care support to poor, marginalized and minority people.
• Enhance support to the underprivileged community to ensure their rights.
• Enhance support to the community to create an alternative leadership among them so that they could identify their own problem and solve these by themselves using available local resources.
• Work with vulnerable groups in the society in order to help them educate and learn to protect themselves from all deadly diseases in general and HIV/AIDS & STD in particular.
• Ensure right to attain the highest standard of sexual, reproductive health and the right to services on discrimination, violence through social awareness.
• Organize the stigmatized and vulnerable groups of the community in order to enhance their economic benefit through different alternative income generating activities.

Proper co-ordination with hope and aspiration, expectation, demand of the targeted people and to show the proper respect to their rights, mutual respect and gender equity, competency and potentials.