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NONGOR initiated this program to provide support to the potential entrepreneurs and traders of agro-products and farmers.


Project Title                   : Food Security Programme-2006, Soil Fertility Component Grants

Project duration              :  30 months (1st July 2010 to 31st December 2012) ongoing

Implementing Partner    :  Shushilan

Technical Support by      : Ministry of Agriculture, GoB

Finance by                        : European Union/own fund

Project objective             : Promotion and utilization of sustainable soil management and participatory agricultural development practices to improve household food security in coastal zone.

Project Area                     : Teknaf Upazila (Nhila & Whykong)


Project View


As the project will concentrate on improved food security and increasing productivity through practicing and exercising sustainable soil health and agro-management, this will lead to not only increase in household consumption, but also generate some marketable surplus. The project will also contribute towards marginal and poor farmers needs in regard to government food and agricultural policy and systems through advocacy and farmer’s alliance development aspects.


Project Objective:

To improve food security of the families of small and marginal farming household in coastal zone like Teknaf Upazila.


Objectives of the action:

  • To improve and conserve soil quality in the target areas
  •  To improve existing farming system (diversification) and introduction of new crops
  •  To increase per unit crop production in target areas and
  •  To increase and mobilize the households towards intake of nutritious foods and to

organize target house hold into institution to secure their entitlement


Expected results:

Five results are planned in the project according to the call and also considering the sustainability of the proposed actions.

The results are:

  1.  Conservation of soil health quality
  2.  Promoting and practicing of crop diversification
  3.  Enhanced crops production
  4.  Accessing nutritious food and consumption
  5.  Farmers alliances to access resources and services.